1 February 2015

Santer Reply


Santer Reply is the Reply Group company specializing in consulting services and application development for the market of Health and Public Administration, founded as a joint venture between the group Lombardia Informatica and Reply. In particular, it addresses the Local Health, to hospitals, to the RSA, to the regions and municipalities. For the local government, Santer Reply offers portals for citizens to make available public utilities (eg. Booking centers) while for the areas of health and hospital proposes a federated model for the integration of vertical application solutions (eg. analysis of productive activities, and telemedicine process management for the reception of patients). Moreover, Santer Reply has a platform Person to Machine (P2M) applied in areas such as Behavioral Monitoring and Relief, the Situational Analysis, Decision Support Systems, the optimization of resources and processes. In the specific area of telecare, with this platform, Santer Reply facilitate the improvement of the quality of life of patients living in conditions of social isolation with remote monitoring via environmental analysis and behavioral, in-house using sensors and wearable.