11 February 2015


OPLON proposes actions and methods aimed at preventing frailty and functional decline and promoting the health of the elderly, planning and developing early diagnosis and care&cure The solutions will be mainly for the elderly who are in the risk zone, who are starting to experience limitations in their day-to-day life and are at risk of frailty (pre-frail). Frailty is a serious health risk factor.


Figura 1 – Models of Ageing

  Primary objective of the plan is the active ageing of society through the prevention of frailty with the support of high-tech services and solutions, and the realization of smart health communities. The objective will be achieved through the calculation of the risk of physical and functional frailty in the healthy elderly population with chronic pathologies. Such indicator, integrated with a personalized frailty index, will allow the assignment of a frailty risk profile, on which management and intervention models can be built.