11 February 2015

Project Overview

Description of the final objective of the project

OPLON proposes innovative models for the management of frailty of the elderly that advance intervention before the manifestation of total non-self-sufficiency, which has high economic and social costs. Today, frailty is measured by clinical criteria, which estimate functional autonomy and do not adequately consider the associated social-health history, making the use of indicators and frailty indexes on wider scale difficult. Moreover, the evaluation of the cognitive factor that sets the passage from self-sufficiency to the necessity of assistance because of a higher insurgence of specific pathologies is delivered in specialistic atmospheres and reaches a limited number of subjects at risk.

The proposal is:

  • To create a predictive instrument for the functional decline risk of the elderly, extending on a wider scale the health-clinical-administrative data, integrated with other social data, as proxy of the functional tests to calculate the frailty indicators.
  • To standardize data gathering on an inter-regional scale and to implement it on an ICT platform for a multi-dimensional appraisal of physical/psychological aspects to measure risk in frail and pre-frail subjects, to create a base of homogenous data and to construct risk profiles accounting for the presence of chronic pathologies.
  • To define new models of integrated personalized social-healthcare assistance (with data sharing between the stakeholders) to improve the quality of life and care of the elderly, and new modular service models about specific risk levels.
  • To develop statistical, diagnostic and predictive models to define focused action programs, like prevention or punctual intervention in early diagnosis cases.
  • To use specific Service Oriented Computing and Service Oriented Architecture technologies and data analysis techniques typical of data warehouse and data mining based on the exchange of data in an open and safe format.


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