3 February 2015


INRCA LOGO SCELTO Mission and expertise areas INRCA is a national public research organization in charge of providing health care to older people through its hospital and residential care facilities and carrying out research on elder care and ageing related issues, on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Health. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of INRCA’s mission, its research activity aims institutionally at promoting well-being in older people and their family carers, implementing and monitoring support services and policies addressing the needs of the older population, especially if frail and disabled. The Institute has seven locations in the national level, including geriatric hospitals, a care centre for Alzheimer’s disease, a RSM-R and a scientific complex technological research. The activity of the Institute is conducted on the basis of a departmental organization where departments are made up of units care and research units (centres and research laboratories). Currently, there are four lines of research:

  1. Bio-gerontology: determinants of cellular, molecular and genetic aging, longevity and age-associated diseases;
  2. Prevention and treatment of fragility: management of diseases and geriatric syndromes;
  3. Drugs and Aging;
  4. Multidimensional assessment and continuity of care.

Great emphasis is given to technological innovation, promotion and acceptance of telemedicine technology by the elderly. The INRCA is indeed involved in various activities aimed at the study of usability and acceptance of smart environments to support the independence and autonomy of the elderly. This commitment is supported through regional, national and international collaborations with universities, research institutes and companies specializing in technology, home automation and artifacts from the house computer, without architectural barriers, with sensors that detect possible hazards, smart appliances and tools with communication interfaces easy for their remote control. Type of activities The research activity in the field of geriatric and gerontology has been developed both nationally and internationally, using partnerships with universities and other research institutes. The research activity is proved by numerous publications in peer reviewed journals with Impact Factor and numerous scientific books. The Institute systematically organizes events of national and international importance for the dissemination of research results and participate in conferences and meetings with speeches, posters, notices, etc. The INRCA is the coordinator and partner of several national projects, as well as multi-center research projects funded by the European Commission. In recent years INRCA has participated in several European projects, such as: GENAGE (BMH4-CT98-3149), COPE (BMH4983374), EUROFEDA (QLK1-1999-00179), IMAGINE (QLRT-1999-02031), MOBILATE (QLK6-CT-1999-02236), ACMEPLUS (QLK6-1999-02070), NEW (QLK6-CT 2000-00139), AGEING WELL (QLK6-CT-2001-00280), EUROFAMCARE (QLRT-2001-02647), CEIL 2001-2006 (VP/2001/12 B5 803), EQUAL (QLK-CT-2001-301688), ZINCAGE (FOOD–CT-2003–506850), ABUEL (GA 2007123), EURHOMAP (GA 2006115), ASPA (GA 216289), FUTURAGE (FP7-HEALTH-2007-B-GA 223679), SMILING (FP7-ICT-GA 215493), HAPPY AGEING (AAL-2008-1-113), JADE (GA 266422). INRCA also is currently participating in other research projects, including: UP-TECH (Italian Ministry of Health), ROBOT-ERA (FP7-ICT2011.7 – GA 288899), WIISEL (FP7-ICT2011.7 – GA 288878), AIDA (Liguria Region Resolution n.1693 del 29/12/2011), INNOVAGE (GA 306058), CHEFMYSELF( AAL 2012), IRHOLA(GA 305831); HOME4DEM (AAL 2014) ACTIVE AGING@HOME (MIUR Technological Cluster). In particular, the activities of the multidisciplinary Scientific and Technological Centre of INRCA are focused on the following fields of scientific research in geriatric and gerontology: basic research, applied clinical research, socio-economic research with particular regard to the organization of services for the elderly and the study and acceptance of new technologies by the elderly.