3 February 2015



The National Council for Research (CNR) is the National body in charge for applied and basic research according to the policies stated by the Italian government, with more than 7000 employees.

CNR is organized into one hundred Institutes.

The Institute for Biomedical Technology (ITB) was created in the ’70s to manage a special research program with the same name, allocating funds and assisting external teams in carrying out research (mainly by providing informatics skills). It also carries out its own research programs and participates to European and National projects. Other CNR Institutes closely cooperating on e-health include the Institute of System  Analysis and Informatics (IASI) and the Institute for Population Studies (IRPPS). The above CNR Institutes were coordinating several specific programs (with projects from CNR, University and industry) about e-health topics, on eHealth Roadmaps and Policies, Electronic Health Records, Mobile devices, Personal Health Records, Chronic Disease Management, Integration of Social and Health Care.

ITB is cooperating with Federsanità-ANCI in the analysis of the best practices and in the development of a model to measure the level of adoption of eHealth in local trusts and hospitals.