19 December 2017


Deliverable Code Deliverable Title WP Deadline
D1.1 Database associated to the frailty classification predictive model WP1 M15
D1.2 ICT information and infrastructure map WP1 M16
D1.3 Frailty index calculation algorithm WP1 M15
D1.4 Model for the risk map definition WP1 M18
D1.5 Sensors and automated tests for the evaluation and the prediction of the elderly people cognitive and functional decline WP1 D1.5a: M18 D1.5b: M24
D2.1 Analysis of the organization and regulations of the different regions involved in the project WP2 M17
D2.2 Privacy and ethics of proposed solutions WP2 D2.2a M17 D2.2b M34
D2.3 Operative and informative processes: definition of  rules and stakeholders WP2 M18
D2.4 Advanced models of integrated assistance WP2 M19
D2.5 Personalized treatment schemes WP2 M22
D2.6 Service models and appropriateness indicators WP2 M24
D3.1 Back-Office and Front-Office components integration platform WP3 D3.1a M24 D3.1b M34
D3.2 Risk profile calculation engine WP3 M26
D3.3 Integration of the sensor Network Reti in the Platform WP3 M26
D3.4 Consumer Applications WP3 M26
D3.5 Cognitive Test Demonstrator WP3 M24
D3.6 Feasibility Study on the integration of the platform with the regional EHR/FSE systems WP3 M24
D4.1 Report on the planning of experimentation activities WP4 M24
D4.2 Report on the experimentation in Emilia Romagna WP4 M34
D4.3 Report on the experimentation in Piemonte WP4 M34
D4.4 Report on the experimentation in Puglia WP4 M34
D4.5 Report on the experimentation in Lombardia WP4 M34
D5.1 Final Report on financial aspects WP5 M36
D5.2 Final Report on scientific aspects WP5 M36
D5.3 Final Report on technologic aspects WP5 M36
D5.4 Publications, web site, communication platform and meetings WP5 M36