3 February 2015



Main business activities and market placement Cooperativa La Traccia’s key business areas are:

  • Research in the fields of information technology and telematics;
  • Design and development of software applications;
  • System integration;
  • Information Services Management (ASP, Outsourcing , Hosting, Housing).

La Traccia, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the large number of solutions in place with customers distributed all over Italy, has become the market leader in Italy for the design and implementation of:

  • software for Nephrology and Dialysis hospital wards;
  • software the Management of Organ Transplant Waiting Lists;
  • software for the management of Regional Dialysis and Organ Transplant Registers;
  • software for Automated Personnel Attendance and Access Control.

The company furthermore has:

  • matured considerable experience in the in computerization of management activities for public bodies (Regions, Municipalities, ASL);
  • implemented projects based on E.R.P. products (Accounting Information System and Management Control of the Basilicata Region).

The company is currently engaged in the development of integrated software systems for the administrative management of hospitals by extending the experience gained in the individual wards.