1 February 2015



The Anastasis Co-operative is a software house and training centre based in Bologna, Italy, that provides software, online services and training for people with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities. Our core products are class-leading software with TTS for dyslexia and reading impairments aimed at supporting children and young users with learning difficulties (Supernotebook, Supermaps), and a professional on-line rehabilitation suite (RIDInet).

The concept and design of our products springs from close collaboration between our Research Centre (CRA) and a wide network of scientific partners including universities, research centres, speech therapists, psychologists and rehabilitation professionals.

Further products in our catalogue include electronic medical records, ICF-based personal health records, computerised cognitive training for the elderly and on-line systems for the screening and diagnosis of learning difficulties.

Our primary customers are end-users (individuals and families), schools and educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation institutes, local government agencies and associations of people with disabilities.