The Oplon Project

OPLON is a project co-funded by the Ministry of Education as part of the Contract “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation”. The Project intends to propose actions and methods to prevent fragility and decline and promote the health of the elderly, designing and developing tools and networks of early diagnosis and “care & cure”. The solutions will be aimed primarily at older people who are in the “risk zone”, which begin to have limitations in performing daily activities and risk of developing fragility (pre-frail), indicating appearance as a major risk factor for health. In particular, the project will develop monitoring systems and integrated models to prevent and manage the fragility and promote active aging and health in older pre-frail and frail. Specifically, we offer:

  • services multidimensional early diagnosis, through the use of indicators physical-mental and evaluation of chronic diseases with the highest incidence
  • services telecare and telemonitoring specific co-morbidities, to support elderly and socio-territorial health
  • educational services and health promotion, such as value-added services, aimed at including patients pre-frail and frail.

OPLON develop a technology platform “open” in access to information (eg. Open Data), “integrated” than the systems in place (eg. IEEE, HL7, IHE, …) and “distributed” in access mode and service delivery (eg. Cloud Services).

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